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The Boys



Winaway's He's So Fine

"Oh Gee"

A 15" tri Factored sable He has the most endearing Face ,epitomizing true sheltie character .He testifies to generations of greatness from his fore fathers ,the look ,the type, the balance ,the beauty, the brains.  Stamped into the breed by great breeders through breeding programs that have produced the greats. Dogs like  Peter Pumpkin"" Heritage Spirit , and the great  Ryan O'Neil "" 

Eyes /hips / v.w.d clear .

In Limited Breedings "Oh Gee" is the sire of Canada's #2 sheltie for 2003 , the sire of Canada's #13 sheltie puppy for 2003 with other quality children waiting in the wings

 (Oh gee is pictured above at 10 years young )

You can visit oh gee's children here though out our site to see that he indeed is producing in the family tradition .



Photo courtesy of  K Wendling

Winaway's Punch Perfect



  Ch  Imperial Arberdale's Bold Image  x Ch Winaway's Perpetual Bliss.





Another stunning "Oh gee" puppy





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